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Cord Blood Banking

What is cord blood banking?

Cord blood, the blood inside your baby's umbilical cord after birth, contains valuable stem cells. These cells are able to divide and become other cells making them medically valuable to your child in case of future disease.

What is cord blood used for?

Currently, the stem cells inside your baby's cord blood are useful in helping to treat many kinds of genetic disorders, immune system problems, and cancers. By banking your baby's cord blood, you will have the peace of mind that these cells will be availble for your child in the event he or she becomes seriously ill. Because your baby's cells will be a perfect match, there will be no waiting in the event these cells are urgently needed.

How is cord blood collected?

Cord blood collection takes only a couple minutes and is performed after your child is born (but before the placenta is delivered). It is safe and painless for the baby. The cord blood is then sent via courier to a cord blood banking center where is is specially frozen and stored for future use.

What will cord blood be used for in the future?

The most exciting part about cord blood banking is future discoveries which will likely utilize the components of cord blood to treat a wide range of diseases and disorders.

How much does it cost?

The cost of banking cord blood varies from company to company. There is usually an initial fee which covers sample collection and storage preparation. There is usually then an additional yearly fee to store the frozen blood in a precise climate-controlled state until it is needed.

Which companies are offering cord blood banking?

There are many companies that now offer cord blood banking. Some of the larger ones include Viacord, Stembanc, and California Cryobank. You should discuss your options with your physician.

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